Make repairs to sprinkler heads and test irrigation system.

Prune broken, damaged, or diseased limbs off trees

Wait until the end of May or early June to apply fertilizer

Get a soil sample and a fertilizer plan

Look for signs of snow mold damage. Rake up area, top dress and seed

Look for signs of voles - these usually indicate a grub problem

Crabgrass pre-emergent control should be applied when soil temperatures reach 55F, typically in early May. This year we will most likely need to do this a little earlier, but not before the first mowing.

Re-seed bare spots or top dress entire lawn and over-seed

Aerate your lawn

Sharpen the blades on your lawn mower.

From @urbanturfmn: "Interesting to see spring effects from fall lawn care. I believe the lawn on right had more fall nitrogen #snowmold "